saying goodbye to freshman year


Just a couple of weeks ago I bid farewell to my freshman year at University of St. Thomas. It was a bittersweet goodbye as I have made so many wonderful friends and memories within the first year.

When I began this year my life was completely different from how it is now. It only took me one week at college to become a person that I was holding inside throughout high school. Prior to college I feared the idea of being someone who wasn’t predictable. I feared being a person that put herself first. My first week of college showed me that I could be who I wanted and that the person I was becoming was someone I really liked.

I did things that caught people off guard, I shocked my family, friends, and others that loved me. However, I knew all along that I was doing what I needed to do to find myself. I knew that it was now or never.

My first week was definitely a whirlwind. I met my best friends, other great friends, the best roommate, and subconsciously met my future boyfriend. I fell head over heels for St. Thomas; I knew it would be home for the next four years.

I spent the year going to football games, spending time with friends, and hours at the library, meeting loads of new people, and falling back in love with myself. I never thought that a tiny dorm in an old building would bring so much to my life. I loved being just a few flights of stairs away from my best friends, a couple blocks from my boyfriend, and seeing my friends at any time. While all of this sounds amazing and most of the time it was; I found it necessary to set aside time for myself. It is extremely overwhelming to never be alone. I would get to my dorm and just cry, I never really knew why but it just would pour out of me. I learned that alone time is necessary. So I would decide to just go to the library by myself, go for a walk, or to the gym, or grab a quick grab-and-go lunch by myself. This time was necessary, you should always remember to take advantage of alone time.

My first year also brought love in to my life. Personally, I never expected to fall in love my freshman year. I always figured that freshman year was about being single and “finding yourself”. However, I found that apparently being single was not for me. I met my boyfriend within the first month of college, and he is such a blessing to me. I love to love and being loved. Everyone’s journeys are different, mine just happened to involve being single for 3 weeks of college. That is perfectly fine with me.

Pictured above, is my roommate, Anna. I met her through Facebook in the spring of 2016. She messaged me first and we instantly hit it off. We both had the same ideas for room set up and colors, and the entire year was so easy with her. Throughout welcome weekend we were definitely inseparable, we went everywhere together, once classes started it was weird for us to not be together all the time. We found ourselves hanging out with people that we weren’t fully clicking with and this caused us both to split and find completely different friends. It was hard because we weren’t as close as we were in the beginning of the year but we still were great roommates. Anna ended up becoming one of my best friends and we told each other everything. She will forever hold a very special place in my heart. I can’t thank her enough for making our tiny dorm, Dowling 039, home.

Now that the craziness of my first year is over, I have decided to dive into my blog. I am studying Fashion Merchandising and Business at St. Thomas. So you can probably guess that I LOVE fashion, clothes, shopping etc. This blog will consist of many fashion posts but also lifestyle posts. In less than a week I am moving into my college house, I am SO excited and can’t wait to share my experience with you all.

I hope you choose to follow my journey and my passion!

Thanks for being here!



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